A Murder Mystery Dinner

Your professional actors will arrive an hour early and will require a room to change their costumes and store the props. You just need enough space for your guests to be comfortably seated with actors being able to move about freely. Food choices are at your discretion, i.e., plated, buffet, or family style. Typical event time is 6:30pm to 9:00pm, starting with 30 minutes for cocktails/appetizers. This is when the actors will mingle to determine which of your outgoing guests would be perfect as a 'Murder Suspect'.

There will be a total of 3-30 minute sessions during which your meal may be served, and 2-15 minute intermissions where your guests will be guided to solve the murder from clues given. The twist is that the killer is from your group and they won't know it's them until the end.

It would be a crime to miss out on this unique experience.

Gain Peace of Mind, all our shows are
covered by the Cossio Insurance Agency.

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